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We work with small business owners, sole properietors and non-profits who need help managing their numbers.

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Outsourced Bookkeeping

Did you know bookkeeping is one of the most common areas where small businesses choose to outsource? One reason is due to the shortage of available part-time bookkeepers. If your bookkeeping tasks have you feeling overwhelmed, you might be ready to outsource your accounting services. When you outsource to us we’ll design an accounting services plan specific to your business. Below is a list of services you can expect from us.



  • Record Transactions
  • Pay Vendors
  • Send Invoices
  • Process Payroll
  • Review Cash Position


  • Bank Account Reconciliations
  • Pay and File Sales Tax Report
  • Produce Financial Statements
  • Review Inventory
  • Review Accounts Payable
  • Review Accounts Receivable
  • Pay Federal & State Payroll Taxes


  • File Estimated Income Taxes
  • File Form 941
  • File State Withholding Return
  • File & Pay State Unemployment
  • Review YTD Financial Statements


  • Review Accounts Payable
  • Review Accounts Receivable
  • Review Inventory
  • Send W-2s and 1099s to Employees
  • File W-2s and 1099s with SSA & State
  • Reconcile Liability Accounts
  • Prepare YE Package for Accountant

Support for whatever stage of business you’re in

Bookkeeping Services

To ensure your finances are being tracked and properly maintained, it is a good idea to seek assistance of business bookkeeping services like the ones offered by Blue Leaf. We go beyond the bookkeeping essentials to organize your financials so you can better understand where your money comes and goes. Gain confidence in your numbers by outsourcing your accounting to our experienced professionals.


The general ledger is the  master accounting document that provides a complete record of your financial transactions. Most importantly, it’s the foundation for creating financial statements. QuickBooks Online is the main accounting software we use to maintain the general ledger and create financial reports.

  • Expense Classification
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Deposits Recorded
  • Sales Receipts Entered
  • Vendor Bills Paid
  • Charge Prepaid Expenses
  • Maintain the General Ledger
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Sales & Use Tax Filing



With our full-service payroll, we take care of the filing deadlines, payment calculations, and return preparation. QuickBooks Payroll and Gusto are two software providers we use for payroll. If you process payroll through a third-party provider, we can make the necessary journal entries to record the transactions.

  • Flexible Payroll Schedules
  • Standard Checks & Direct Deposit
  • Child Support Payments
  • Electronic Tax Deposits
  • Federal & State Tax Filings
  • Annual W-2 and 1099 Forms
  • 3rd Party Payroll Processing


Accounting is the process that makes sense of the daily financial transations. Turning your information into financial reports that you can use to manage your business. By understanding the financial health of your business, you’ll be in a better position for planning and decision making.

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Depreciation & Adjusting Entries
  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • Budget to Actual Reporting
  • Prepare Custom Reporting


As a small business or start-up company, you may not be prepared for the administrative duties involved with running a business. A review of your administrative activities can identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Insurance Administration
  • Coordination of Business Services
  • Employee Sick & Vacation Tracking
  • Healthcare Benefit Administration
  • New Hire Paperwork
  • Employee Manual
  • Document Management
  • Policies & Procedures

Blue Leaf Business Services

Part-time Bookkeeping with a Full-time Presence

We started outsourcing bookkeeping services for small business because we believe even small businesses deserve the best accounting help.

Not all small businesses need a full charge bookkeeper. If you do, you may find you do not have the resources to employ a full-time staff member. This is where we can deliver a big advantage. Blue Leaf Bookkeeping Services offers a full accounting department experience, without the cost of a full-time employee. We pride ourselves in providing personalized accounting services to all our clients. Whether your needs are a few hours a month, or 20 hours a week, we are available to you when you need us. When your business grows, our accounting services are flexible enough to evolve along with you. In other words, we can adjust the level of service to meet your seasonal business demands.

Blue Leaf is driven by a set of core values to ensure a positive client experience- responsiveness, accessibility, professionalism, integrity, and technical specialization.

Set-up or Clean-up

Getting you up to speed

Accounting records become unorganized without proper bookkeeping. Hand over your books to us and we'll put your company back on track.

Remote or On-Site


Accounting services can be done on-site at your facility or remotely through our office. Outsource all your bookkeeping to us, or just a little to complement your existing staff.

Temporary Service


It's challenging to source an experienced bookkeeper on short notice. We can support your needs until you find the right person to join your team.

Extended part of the team

Why Outsource?

A significant benefit to hiring Blue Leaf as your bookkeeping services provider- you gain our specialized knowledge and insight. This saves you from having to personally learn and keep up with the most cost-effective ways to process your transactions. Additionally, we invest in the security and software required to support your financial records, so you don’t have to.

As an extended part of your team, we keep a trained eye on your accounting, allowing you to focus on key business functions.

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